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The recruitment of staff:
The need for the development of the company, and looking for the following professionals above college degree:
Mechanical and electrical integration (10 people)
Enterprise management (4 people)
Mold design and manufacturing (6 people)
The application of electronic (8 people)
Process equipment and Control Engineering (8 people)
Accounting (2 people)
1, after entry into the plant for a month of training, training during the day, enjoy the 30 yuan subsidy; training period based on personal skills and ability to work arrangements, as the post salary, a monthly income of 2000 yuan -5000 yuan.
2, the company has employee dining room, standard meals for employees, unified tray meal.
3, to provide free apartment style residence.
4, the company has staff bathroom, free bath.
5, the company has staff recreation room, opening up.
6, the labor union of the company organizes many rich recreational and sports activities and colorful.
7, companies month holiday system, unified vacation, may according to need to free staff will be sent to the city bus.
8, after signing the labor contract hire, company pay pension, medical and other five kinds of insurance for employees.
Contact information:
Tel: 0631-7600666
Company address: Rongcheng City Yue Lake Road No. 118