Corporate Culture
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  • In recent years, the company leading product varieties have been covered with a film-style home and commercial gas measurement instrumentation specifications, models, to meet the needs of different gas sources in different regions of the gas metering. In order to meet the market demand for Yuxiang products to meet market products for various Yuxiang, business after twenty years of operation, has accumulated the following characteristics:
  • Operating characteristics:
  • 1 in the industry, not the biggest, but the most refined, the strongest;
  • 2 enterprises and workers, businesses and their customers to follow the people-oriented, honest treatment, harmony and win-win philosophy;
  • 3 with excellent product quality, cost-effective products, timely and thoughtful customer service return Yuxiang's concern and support;
  • 4 digestion and absorption of gas measurement instruments at home and abroad the latest technology and innovation combine to create new products with market competitiveness;
  • 5 has been formed within the enterprise by chapter operations, according to law, standardized production, service management, efficient, orderly, civilized and harmonious new model of management.
  • Under the influence of corporate culture, the company has a team with cohesion Germany, art, physical, intellectual backbone of the team, the company sustained and healthy development has laid an important foundation.
  • Company to undertake the Rongcheng, 100 square cultural activities
  • Company organization backbone team went to Korea to Chong Wa Dae to browse
  • Company employees to browse the Chishan fahuayuan